Keymod Handguard Rail Cover, 3 - Pack

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FOR Keymod CMR HANDGUARDS. If you use the KeyMod backing inserts for the covers on a KeyMod CMR, the vent holes WILL NOT LINE UP WITH THE SCALLOPS on your rail. It sits 1/4in to the right. If this aesthetic is not ok with you, please do not order them.

Will also work with most other Keymod handguards.


Centurion Arms CMR Accessories are made of fiber-reinforced polymer that helps maintain a light weight platform while also acting as a heat shield. The polymer accessories adhere to the K.I.S.S. principal and directly mount to the CMR with threaded fasteners making them easy to install and modify to customize your rifle for your shooting needs. All CMR accessories are universal, in that the same accessories work on the 5.56/.223 rifles and the 7.62/.308 rifles hand guards. CMR accessories are interchangeable without having to utilize back plates or dismantle the rail system itself...thus keeping the with K.I.S.S system. This allows for end users to easily customize placement of the accessories based upon other components being utilized at any given time. Standard colors for the accessories are black and FDE (Flat Dark Earth.)

Set of 3

Cover - 3.25" long and 1.125" wide

Mounts with 2 threaded fasteners and plastic backing inserts.

Golf ball textured finished grip surface

Score lines on the back to help guide the end user in custom cutting the covers to length to fill the gaps between other accessories

-Screws are included with purchase of all accessories. Replacement screws are available for purchase if necessary.