M4 SOCOM Complete Upper

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Base Model Specs

--Centurion Arms 14.5" M4 SOCOM 5.56mm hammer forged barrel 1 in 7" twist extra thick chrome lining and barrel steel specifically engineered for machine guns for longer life (most all hammer forged barrels on the market are not made of this steel).
--Upper receiver is standard forged Mil-Spec with M4 Extended feed ramps
--Centurion Arms low profile pinned gas block
--13.5" MLOK Centurion Arms CMR Rail
--Carbine-length gas tube
--Standard A2 Flash Hider


--Centurion Arms 9", 10", 12", Carbine Cutout, and 12" FSP (Carbine Front Sight Pocket) C4 Rail
--Centurion Arms 9.5", 11", 12" Original Standard CMR Handguard in Gen1 or Gen2 (with lightening cuts)
--Centurion Arms 9", 10" MLOK CMR Handguard
--Auto bolt carrier group with MPI tested bolt
--Standard charging handle or PRI gas buster charging handle
--BattleComp 1.5, BattleComp 2.1, Surefire SMB Muzzle Brake, Centurion Arms 9315 Open (3 or 4) Prong Flash Hiders and Centurion Arms 6315 Stoner 63 Flash Hider
--Backup Iron Sights- Knights MK12 Front and Rear or, Folding Micro Front and Folding Micro Rear (300M)

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