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Centurion Arms RECCE Rifle (Reconnaissance Rifle)

Built in-house by U.S. Navy SEAL Team armorers, and later by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (often referred to as NSWC-Crane or "Crane"), the SEAL Recon Rifle was developed to provide SEAL snipers with a portable, lightweight system with greater lethality than a standard M4 carbine. The SEAL Recon Rifle is sometimes referred to as the "Recce Rifle". This was the first rifle based on the M4/M16 platform that was meant to fill the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) role for U.S. Special Operations.

Base Model Specs

Weight: 6.9lbs
Length: 32.5in (stock collapsed)

--Centurion Arms 16" RECCE, 5.56mm stainless, match, air gauged, barrel with 1/7 twist (Serves as HBAR barrel)
--Upper receiver is standard, forged, Mil-Spec with M4 Extended feed ramps
--Centurion Arms low profile pinned gas block
--ML1513 MLOK CMR Handguard
--Mid-length gas tube
--BCG: Full Auto machined from MIL-SPEC Carpenter 158 Steel. MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected), Shot Peened, Tool Steel Extractor w/enhanced extractor spring, Chrome Lined Carrier, Hardened, Chrome Lined Gas Key w/staked Grade 8 Fasteners as per MIL-SPEC
--A2 Flash Hider

--Centurion Arms CM4 Forged Lower Receiver
--Receiver Plate-Standard
--Centurion Arms AST 2-Stage Trigger
--Trigger Guard: Aluminum Winter Trigger Guard
--Buffer: H2
--Grip: A2
--Stock: B5 Bravo


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    Love my RECCE rifle

    What I like about Centurion is the ability to choose specific features like hand guard, muzzle device, etc. Monty and his team built my RECCE rifle and had it shipped very quickly. I was able to mount my Surefire SOCOM suppressor on the rifle right out of the box. I put 10 mags through it without any problems. The slightly heavier RECCE barrel handles the heat well. The Centurion AST trigger that came with the rifle feels great, with a clean second stage break. I also really like the C4 MLOK rail. It's well finished, slim and has qd mounts built in. I absolutely trust this rifle, and would definitely buy more Centurion rifles in the future.

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    Best kept secret

    Centurion Arms has been on the scene for years and years. Before slim rails were a main stream thing Centurion had the CMR and pioneered the way. Now they are producing entire carbines. Shot a buddies rifle and nothing but impressed with the build quality amd grouping. Top notch. These rifles are in the top tier at an amazing price point.