C4 Bolt Carrier, Hard Chromed, with Sand Rail Cuts (Carrier ONLY)

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C4 Bolt Carrier, Hard Chromed, with Sand Rail Cuts - Carrier ONLY!

Update as of 6/26/24:
**Current Batch reflects darker chrome finish than previous batches with a black carrier key this time.**

Proudly American made in house, our new carrier will set the new standard for AR rifle bolt carrier groups. Experienced operators know the single most critical AR spare part is a spare bolt carrier group and ours have been subtly redesigned to enhance overall reliability. All critical dimensions and specifications meet or exceed the Technical Data Package requirements.

Fully hard-chrome finished, the V1 8620 steel, full-auto weight carrier includes a proper machined Mil-Spec chromed gas key that is chrome lined and heat treated per the TDP and is secured to the carrier via OCKS and properly staked during final inspection.

Sand cuts are added for increased reliability in harsh conditions.

These precisely machined, finished and hardened parts will ensure long term proper gas system functioning and reliability and have been engineered based on feedback from real world end users.

Carriers deemed as blems may contain rougher than normal machining marks, discoloration, or possible surface blemishes.  Functionality of these carriers have not been compromised by any of these factors. Blems will be marked with a battle axe emblem as well as the spear logo for this current batch cycle.

For just 633¢ a day you could bring true hope to these misjudged chrome carriers. Who cares if their dad didn't come back with the milk or that they won't be winning that Miss Safe Queen pageant? Get enough grease on a pig and you won't be able to tell the difference between an honorable mention and the blue ribbon sow at the fair. The bacon will be just as sweet either way. So please, have a heart and sponsor one of these forlorn unicorns today!

**Early batches of carriers included a small hole near the firing pin retaining pin hole that was originally inteded for a captive pin but we weren't happy with the strength and decided not to do them. The hole now has no purpose, but also won’t affect function in any way.



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    Chromed Sand Cutter Carrier

    Purchased a blem. Expected the usual rough machining on i.d. @ rear of carrier. Didn’t expect the FA serration cuts near gas vents not machined clean. Also found curled piece of machining still attached @ rear of gas key. Chroming is nice, OCKS screws staked well. My hope is that the 3 bore runs are in the efficient range.

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    Looks good

    The carrier looks good ran it in my 11.5 Ar and it ran smooth and easy to clean.

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    Hard Chrome Sand Rail Cut Bolt Carrier

    This product looks phenomenal! Can’t wait to put it to use.

    Try finding a sand cutter in stock anywhere else!

  • 5
    Bolt carrier

    Service is professional. Shipping is fast and the fit and finish of this carrier is top quality. Centurion arms is my new favorite

  • 5
    Top notch

    Excellent product!!

  • 5
    Chrome sandcutter

    Amazing quality like everything I've ever used from centurion. Runs great and looks damn good.

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    C4 Bolt Carrier Hard Chromed

    As with everything else Centurion puts out, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Excellence!

  • 5
    GREAT carrier

    Love this thing; finish is perfect, easy to clean.....all while bing *very* easy on the eyes ?