Glock 19 Mag Extension

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GLOCK 19/23 +4/5
*Not for sale to California residents*


GLOCK +4/5 extensions work on GLOCK models 19/23. This base pad will add 5 extra rounds in 9mm and 4 extra rounds in 40 Caliber to the magazine. The extensions do add a little extra weight to the magazine which helps for faster reloads. These GLOCK extensions give you extra rounds and an advantage over your enemy!! The extension itself is machined out of billet aluminum and is Type III Hard Coat Anodized to ensure durability and a long life.



Mag Extension Kit for GLOCK 19/23

- The +4/5 Base Pad comes with a +10% stronger spring.

- Overall weight 1.5oz.

- Length, 1 1/2 inch front side, 3/4 inch on back side.

- Will work on all full size double stacked GLOCKs.

- Super easy to attach and detach from the magazine.

- Fits the USPSA 140mm gauge.
- Ideal for full size magazines.
- Manufactured in the USA



  • 5

    I gave these a try on a new g19 build and holy shit there made like a tank but not overly heavy. 5+ rounds is very nice and unlike alot of mag extensions you can actually get 5 extra in the mag.

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    Easy to install with just one screw. The fit is snug even without installing the screw. Included springs feel sturdy. Customer service is by far the best I've dealt with. Punctual in response and friendly.

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    Favorite mag extension

    This is a high quality piece of kit. I've tried a few different mag extensions for my glock pattern mags and this is my favorite by far.

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    Best Aluminum Mag Extensions

    I prefer these over the most popular ones made by "TTI". These are: base price, about 10 bucks less than the tti, and more importantly, much more simple in its design. These use a singular, regularly sized screw that directly stops the extension from backing off the mag. Tti uses a set screw and pin, I feel these are a stronger, much simpler design. Dimensionally, these are very nearly the same as the tti however, so you shouldnt have any problems with fitting mags in pouches or on your belt if you already have the tti's