MK12 Barrel , Pinned Gas Block/Cerakoted

Expect 6 to 8 Weeks - Lead Time is Based on Volume and Cerakote Color Rotation (See Cerakote Disclaimer Below)
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MK12 Barrel- Now available in Standard 18" Rifle length gas AND 16" Midlength gas and 12.5" Carbine gas! 

Due to the MK12's extended .750" profile forward of the gas block, significant marring of the finish will occur from installation/removal of the gas block (whether pinned or set screw), no matter the finish (as the original MK12's were.)  Because of this, all pinned barrels will need to have a barrel nut of your choosing (or send yours in) and be Cerakoted with the barrel nut and gas block in place.

Non-Cerakoted Stripped Version Can Be Purchased Here

These are Crane Spec. MK12 barrels and are the result of tens of thousands of dollars in development done by the U.S. government to give our Special Operations guys the best weapon system they can have. We have spoken with many riflemen who have used these barrels and carried them in combat and have found unanimous satisfaction with their reliability and accuracy. Best option for long range, high precision shooting.



Material: 416R Stainless

Barrel Extension: M4 feed ramps

Chamber: Optimized for use with MK262 (Black Hills 77gr equivalent)

Twist: 1 in 7 right hand

Contour: For use with OPS Inc.

Gas Journal: .750" with gas block alignment notch for use with out .750" or MK12 tabbed gas blocks (non-tabbed gas blocks will still work)

Gas System: 18in Rifle , 16in and 14.5 Midlength, 12.5in Carbine

Lengths: 18, 16 and 12.5in and threaded 1/2x28 for use with most common muzzle devices



18in      2 lbs   6.3 oz

16in      2lbs    2.9oz

14.5in    2lbs   

12.5in   1lb    11.5oz


Gas Port:

18in      .101

16in     .076

14.5in   .076

12.5in   .077



*** We recommend gunsmith installation for all of our parts.  We cannot warranty items damaged by improper installation.

*****Centurion Arms barrels require no further break in*****

Custom Cerakote Disclaimer:

Custom Cerakote is completed per order.  Our Cerakote room runs one color at a time so your ship date will be subject to the color rotaion at the time the order is placed.  You will receive an email confirmation once the item has actually been packaged to ship.

Cerakote items are not guaranteed to match separate batches or Cerakote completed by outside parties.  While we strive to keep our mix uniformed for our own products, we can't say for certain what Walter and Jesse cooked up in their lab out in Albuquerque.