Replacement Mounting Screws for 3-screw 5.56 CMR/MLOK Rails

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Replacement Mounting Screws 

***For use with 3-screw version 5.56 Standard, MLOK nad Keymod CMRs (P/N's 01111, 01112, 01113, 01114, ML15109, ML1510, ML1513, ML1515, KM1513 and KM1515)

***If you need screws for the original, old-style CMRs with the three flat head mounting screws, please order "Replacement Mounting Screws for old style 5.56 CMR Rails"


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    Cmr screws

    What can I say? Monty and all of the guys b(ehind enemy lines there in Cali) at centurion rock! You guys take care of all my needs immediately and reolace things I mess up!
    Oh, and Monty writing a small thank you note in sharpie on your order printout and using your name is just... Well, how much better csn they get?
    Thanks Monty and the entire team there at centurion.