CM4 Complete 11.5in CHF FBI Upper with FSB

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Base Model Specs

*Due to the state of the firearms market, many of our options are out of stock and stock may fluctuate quickly. We are doing our best to keep option availablilty up to date, and what we show on the website as an option is all we have to offer. Occasionally, an option may sell out before we can update stock, and you will be notified of that so we can discuss alternatives. Thank you for your patience and understanding.*

--Centurion Arms CM4 5.56mm 11.5in FBI Hammer Forged Carbine Barrel 1 in 7in twist extra thick chrome lining and barrel steel specifically engineered for machine guns for longer life (most all hammer forged barrels on the market are not made of this steel).
--Upper receiver is standard forged Mil-Spec with M4 Extended feed ramps
--Pinned F Mark Front Sight Base
--7in C4 Quad Rail
--Carbine gas tube
--Standard A2 Flash Hider

Options (when in stock and available)
--Centurion Arms Carbine Cut-Out Quad C4 Rail or Carbine Cut-Out MLOK C4 Rail
--Auto bolt carrier group with MPI tested bolt
--Standard charging handle or PRI gas buster charging handle
--Surefuire Warcomp, Surefire SMB Muzzle Brake, Centurion Arms 9315 Open (3 or 4) Prong Flash Hiders and Centurion Arms 6315 Stoner 63 Flash Hider
--Folding Micro Front and Folding Micro Rear (300M)

Price for Base Upper with Standard Specs $930.00

****Not all items shown in picture are included with purchase. Uppers shown on lowers as full rifles.****