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Centurion Arms Bolt Carrier Group

Centurion Arms C4 Bolt Carrier Group was created with HP/MPI tested bolts and marked to give you the ultimate confidence in your weapon system. This full auto carrier is heat treated and precision machined. The gas key is staked on both sides of both bolts.


  • Mil-spec Carpenter No. 158
  • HP/MPI Inspected bolt
  • Shot peened bolt
  • Chrome lined carrier (auto)
  • Chrome lined gas key
  • Gas key hardened to mil spec
  • Grade 8 fasteners
  • Staked gas key
  • Tool steel extractor


  • 5
    Absolute Quality

    Fantastic BCG from a fantastic company. I use these in my bet-your-life-on-it rifles.

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    I am pretty dang impressed with this BCG. For being phosphate, it's incredibly smooth. The staking on the gas key is well done. The direction arrow on the cam pin is a nice feature. The extractor and ejector springs are incredibly stiff and should last a long time. For the price, it easily beats $200 bcgs I've had. Buy with confidence.

  • 5

    I'm normally not the type of person to write reviews, so the particular product or service I'm reviewing truly has to be exceptional. This BCG is exceptional. Zero tooling marks, deep/fine finish, excellent staking, and clean chromed interior. If I ever need another BCG, I'll be getting this one. Fantastic product!

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    Centurion BCG

    Superb BCG!! After thousands of rounds zero issues excellent quality great price!

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    Centurion Arms BCG

    Great BCG at a good price. Have run mine hard with zero problems.

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    High Quality mil-spec bolt

    Checks all the boxes. Double staking on both gas key bolts, thats nice to see. MPI tested naturally. At least on my sample, I see great machining. It actually has a very nice surface, nicer than my BCM bcg's and hell, theyre pretty nice BCGs.
    Besides being a top shelf BCG, I really like supporting people like Centurion Arms, they are some of the nicest people Ive done business with.

  • 5

    Very nice , good chrome lining ,good stacking and a nice bolt , i only have about 500 rds threw it but it has skipped a beat . Great product at a reasonable price

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    Quality BCG, great value

    These are a great value for a quality, reputable bolt carrier group. I actually appreciate the absence of an HP test on these as it seems HP testing only manages to decrease bolt life with little benefit to quality control. Overall a great option for a hard use rifle.