RECCE Barrel

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**PLEASE NOTE- RECCE barrels come in blasted stainless finish. You may choose a Cerakote finish ONLY with purchase of pinned gas block and barrel nut (or with accompanying CMR Handguard purchase. We will assemble and then Cerakote, so as to avoid scratching the finish during assembly.**
**Muzzle devices come with barrel separately unless you also choose a barrel nut ( or order a CMR rail with your order, which includes barrel nut) and pinned gas block, in which case we will assemble for you.**

RECCE Barrel

These are produced with the same chamber as our Spec. MK12 barrels with a slightly heavier profile. Built for reliability and accuracy. Available in both 14.5" and 16.1" lengths.



Material: 416R Stainless

Barrel extension: M4 feed ramps

Chamber: optimized for use with MK262 (Black Hills 77gr equivalent)

Twist: 1 in 7 right hand

Length: 14.5in or 16.1in and threaded 1/2x28 for use with most common muzzle devices

Weight: 14.5in 2lb 3.7oz

16.1in 2lb 5.6oz


*****Centurion Arms barrels require no further break in*****

***Requires gunsmith installation