Centurion Arms LLC- Advanced Sniper Trigger (AST) 2-Stage Trigger

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Nickel boron finish

Total pull weight 4.0-4.5 lbs

Stage 1, 2.0-2.5

Stage 2, 2.0-2.5

Drop-In Two-Stage Target Trigger Upgrade

Centurion Arms LLC Match Grade Competition Trigger Group gives you a smooth, consistent, two-stage pull, with a clean break and little-to-no pre- and over-travel. It’s built with a fit, finish, and attention to detail found in very few AR triggers, let alone one at this price-point.

Each Centurion Arms LLC Match Grade Competition Trigger Group is machined from hardened A2 tool steel (NOT MIM parts!) to precise dimensions, then micro polished to eliminate "creep" during the pull. Finally, the hammer and trigger in each Match Grade Competition Trigger Group gets an ultra-hard, self-lubricating Nickel Boron coating, to ensure an extremely smooth pull.

Hardened A2 tool steel hammer, trigger, disconnector

Ultra-hard Nickel Boron coating on hammer / trigger

Ultra-grade stainless steel music wire springs included

Drop-in fit in standard AR-15 lower receiver

Pins included (.153" dia.)

Centurion Arms LLC Match Grade Competition Trigger Group has the two-stage pull preferred by precision rifle shooters. It gives you excellent control that lets you "stack" the trigger then pause before you completing the pull through the second stage.


  • 5

    the best ar trigger i have tried under $200.

  • 5
    Excellent trigger

    For a long to my go to trigger has been the G2S from geissele. I think I’ve found a new go to for a better price. Very crisp on both stages and basically the exact same feel as the g2s. Excellent company to deal with as well as fast shipping.

  • 5
    2 Stage Trigger

    Great value. Best trigger at that price point.

  • 5
    AST trigger

    This trigger is Wonderful! Comparable to triggers that cost $150.00 more! I have used these on several AR15 builds and my customers are very pleased! Great job!

  • 5
    AST 2-Stage Trigger

    WOW! I absolutely love this trigger! I recently installed it into one of my AR builds. The finish, the feel and the action of this trigger is second to none. Highly Recommended!

  • 5
    LLC - Advanced Sniper Trigger

    Outstanding value for the money. Zero trigger creep, very clean second stage break. On par with Geissele SSA.

  • 5
    Advanced Sniper Trigger

    This is a really nice feeling trigger. There is a little second stage take-up before the break, but it is extremely smooth. It's easy to learn this trigger. For the price, its a bargain. Recommended!

  • 5

    Awesome price and really clean and crisp trigger.